Group Accommodation and Camping

Group Accommodation & Camping is included in the Registration Fee and for the time of the gathering.

Children up to 10 years of age can join for free 😉


We are still waiting to confirm what spaces will be available, as the school is planning a number of renovations in their summer break.

If accommodated in the school, participants will sleep on the floor, so for comfort, it is important that everyone bring their sleeping bag and sleeping mattress. There are showers and toilets in the school building.

Please note: Group Accommodation in the school is only available during the specific gathering dates.  If you have any special requirements or questions about accommodation, please send an email to [email protected]


To accommodate the wish for earlier and later gatherings of some year-groups, we are arranging camping possibilities before, during and after the gathering.

In the field parallel to Nibble Handelsträdgård (leading down towards the fjord) and in some green areas surrounding the school, we will arrange a campsite for about 3 weeks. The site will open on July 28th and close again August 11th.  

Make sure to bring all you need for camping especially in the days before and after the event, as food is provided only during the days of the gathering.

Private Accommodation

Private Accommodation is not included in the Registration Fee and must be organized by you.

Ytterjärna Hotell and Kulturcentrum Järna have special offers to support the celebration of the 10 year anniversary of YIP. Thank you, Ytterjärna Hotel and Kulturcentrum Järna!

Ytterjärna Hotel

Ytterjärna Hotell is situated directly next to the Kulturhuset where the day usually starts. Guests can make a booking with Ytterjärna Hotell by emailing [email protected] or visiting their website. Make sure to mention 10 Years of YIP and the dates above to receive a special rate:

Double Room 1000 SEK per night

Single Room 500 SEK per night

Kulturcentrum Järna

Kulturcentrum Järna is situated in the beautiful garden park bordering on the Baltic sea. It provides single or double room accommodation in student houses on the campus. Please mention 10 years of YIP gathering to receive special rates:

SEK 250,-/night for a single room 

SEK 400,-/night for a double room. 
Sheets/towels can be rented at an extra cost of SEK 100,-/set.

Please email booking inquiries to [email protected]


The registration fee includes organic breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Basic ‘Fika’ (Swedish coffee break) will be provided in the morning and the afternoon. Starting with dinner on the 1st and ending with lunch on the 5th.

Food has always been an important part of the YIP events. What is extra special this time round is that all chefs are alumni or contributors, who have stepped up to manage one day of our time together.

Throughout the event we aim to offer organic/biodynamic and local food as much as possible, thus raising awareness about making conscious food choices.

What to bring

A few important things to bring:
Sleeping bag/blanket
Sleeping mattress (beds will not be provided)
Warm and waterproof clothes
Biodegradable* soap, shampoo and toothpaste

In case you arrive earlier and/or stay longer, make sure to bring all you need for your stay on the campsite!

A few things you may find useful to bring:
Notebook and Pen
Musical Instrument(s)
Art/craft materials

*As the community makes use of a natural filtration system and all waste water eventually makes its way into the neighbouring Baltic sea, only biodegradable cleaning products, including personal hygiene products such as soaps, shampoos etc. may be used. We humbly request that all non-biodegradable products be left at home when you attend the gathering, all biodegradable products are locally available to buy.