10 Years of YIP Update + Registrations Are Open!

The current state of the planning: 

The general framing of the gathering is seeking to balance hosted spaces and input, with open spaces and self-design. We hope to achieve this by inviting and preparing the content for the mornings, whilst the afternoons are open for all else to take place, followed by long evenings of live performances, music and dance.
The following writing is aimed to frame some of the intentions of the YIP gathering this summer and as an update regarding the schedule.
The meeting is planned to start midday on August 1st and end with lunch August 5th.
The trigger for the gathering is the fact that YIP celebrates 10 years of its existence, and there will be a moment/evening to acknowledge that. However, the intention is not to reminiscence on the past, but rather to look ahead to see what’s approaching for this initiative and the network that it’s connected to. We will look at the future in a more generic way, as well as specific to YIP and the network.
To frame these days, there will be the themes ‘Initiate’, ‘Authenticate’, ‘Collaborate’ and ‘Transform’. These themes will be mainly reflected in the mornings, as the afternoons are open for everyone’s input and initiatives.

About the themes:

Initiate explores the paradigm shift, inner development and/or believe systems that we seek to foster at YIP and that seeks to align our thoughts, paradigms and motivations to be in-line with life endorsing, creative, regenerative, truthful and spiritually lawful perceptions, thoughts and actions.
It is one of the core gestures and intentions underlying the YIP initiative and a prerequisite for any true social entrepreneurship as understood by YIP.
The question for this day could be; What future importance, development and trend do you see for people’s active engagement in the expanding and transforming of their consciousness and worldview?

Authenticate (or ‘learning’) covers the realm of integrating experiences, making them one’s own. It is another way to describe education. YIP primarily being an educational initiative is constantly seeking how to best offer learning, whilst holding space for the authentication of the learned. It is always a current and big question for the program.
Over the years other attempts and initiatives have joined the YIP network and collaborations, some of which are represented by those of you who read this update. One thing that seems to unite these different approaches is that they support the individual in their very independent learning, and yet offer a setting, operating system or framework that provides each with a community. A community that can help and support, but also hold accountable and keep each other connected. Initiatives like Classroom Alive, Open Masters and U-labs are invited to join the conversation.
The question for this day could be; What future and trend do you observe that host, foster and balances the highly individualistic alongside the collective, whilst people are authenticating/educating for their working service to society?

Collaborate looks at the realm of stepping into your service to the world/collective after having passed through a highly individualist learning journey. Similar to ‘Authenticate’, the challenge is to allow for very diverse, specific and individual ways of working, whilst still maintaining a sense of community, colleagueship and collaboration. It is always a current and big question for the YIP network.
More and more operating systems are found and developed to support this new way of working and operating. This area seems to have a lot of buzz and is of great importance, especially to the alumni and the network, it seems essential to discuss as part of the future for the larger YIP initiative. Initiatives like Enspiral, Art of Hosting and others will join the conversation.
The question for this day could be; What are the new ways of working and collaborating in a de-centralized, highly individualist, non-hierarchical and yet joint effort? What would a ‘self-aware’ YIP network be able to achieve?

Transform follows from the steps before. Given that you have stepped into your initiation/initiative and changed to a more integral worldview and paradigm, you will have a lot to learn, re-learn and authenticate. Stepping out to work and manifest some of the intentions resulting from your transformed way of seeing and being in the world, will require collaboration and colleagueship, for which the operating system is still developing.
With an expanded worldview, and having learned/authenticated new knowledge, the next step is to apply both in our daily life and in service to society and the world.
Now, action needs to follow intention and what was earlier understood, needs to be applied and practiced to prove its relevance and contribution to the collective, whilst transforming the status quo.
The calling question for this last day, stays open, and to be properly formed depending on the earlier days. Also, the conversation panel for this day will be formed during the course of the gathering (explained later).

The flow of a day:

The hosted part of the schedule is still under construction, but this is what we know so far:
The design of the schedule intends to start the day with singing together in true Initiative Forum style and tradition 😉
Next, the day-hosts will frame and outline the day ahead of us.
After that, Orland Bishop will speak for 30 minutes each day, allowing for a sequence of content that can develop and deepen one strain of thought over time.
After Orlands contribution, a series of panel conversations is planned until Fika. 5 to 6 panel guests will be hosted by a panel-host to speak about the theme of the day and their experience, views and visions around the topic. This will be mic’ed up on stage.
After the panel conversations, there will be FIKA!
Following Fika there will be conversations with a mix of all present at the gathering in smaller groups. You will meet with the same group for the various days.
The general atmosphere will be ‘friends amongst friends’ as we will fill the Kulturhuset with people that are part of the network and YIP already. (There is no active marketing planned. If everyone comes, we’ll be bursting at the seams anyway)

Who is on the panels?

Thursday August 2nd on the theme ‘Initiate’:
Annie Meijer, Charles Eisenstein, Inte Koster & Orland Bishop – hosted by Daniel Evaeus

Friday August 3rd on the theme of ‘Authenticate/Educate’:
Ignaz Anderson, Christianne Sinoo, Otto Scharmer (unconfirmed), Sarah Bradley – hosted by Reinoud Meijer

Saturday August 4th on the topic of ‘Collaborate’:
Nil Roda-Naccari Noguera, Isabel Chender, Nicanor Perlas, Corinna Zuckerman – hosted by Didi Ntsie

Sunday August 5th on the topic of ‘Transform’:
?,?,? & ? – hosted by Nicanor Perlas

From your conversation group you make your way over to the lunch area and enjoy what the chefs have prepared for us.
To gather us back together, inspire us and to send us off into our self-designed afternoons, we have asked some of our friends to speak more in-depth on the topic they touched on in the morning panel.
The start-up speakers for the afternoon:
Charles Eisenstein, Sarah Bradley, Corinna Zuckerman and Nicanor Perlas.
Following the keynotes, it’s over to all of us and the self-designed presentations, meetings, activities and hang-outs. You will have the possibility to invite on the day itself, or else announce your invitation already on an online platform.
More information on pre-registering your initiative, workshop or presentation will follow depending on the hosting team that is still forming.
The evenings are filling up with the many talents and artists in our network. Over the ten plus years of YIP’s existence it has seen so many incredible talents pass through its gates. From music to circus, storytelling to joke telling, play-writing to poetry, there have been so many creative individuals sharing their art.
This is a chance to celebrate and honor that creative abundance and fill the stages with as much of it as we can.
Is there someone from the community who you would like to nominate? Or do you have something you would like to offer? If so, please be in contact!
Email Silas Beardslee at: [email protected]

Some practicalities that are important to note:

Different than in earlier years and due to renovations, the school can only offer very limited accommodation. So please think of our gathering as a festival, with a campsite attached.
We are in conversation with the Swedish army about large group tents, but for now, please plan to be independent.
If for any reason you cannot camp, which you’ll have to state in advance, we have some group accommodation. For group accommodation we have the gym, two classrooms and Tallevana. With your blessing, we will prioritise Tallevana for the youngest (families) and oldest (special guests) in our network.
For questions regarding accommodation, please email: Jonna-Marie König at: [email protected]

We are arranging sanitary containers with toilets and showers on the campsite.

The finances:

For transparencies sake, please find the budget following this link.

Please note; no-one is getting paid or is planned to receive any honorary for planning, attending or contributing to the gathering.
The only ‘payment’ we have committing to, is to offer covering the travel expenses and hosting for those we have specifically invited to be part of the pre-arranged program. Other than that, the costs are all ‘costs occurring’.
We hope you will all help to food-raise and fundraise, which would save expenses and might result in a profit from the event. Any profit will be used to secure YIP finances and stock up the diversity fund.

The registration:

Last but not least, we are happy to announce that we are now ready to accept your registration!

So please follow the link and see you in August!