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Only very few days left before we meet in Ytterjärna. As promised in earlier mails and messages, here follows a little update.

Traveling light

We have been allowed more space in the school as well as in Järna Naturbruksgymnasium. This means, we now have 8 classrooms and the big gym during the gathering and can house about 200 people in group quarters. So if you are joining just for the days of the gathering, this news might lighten your burden, as you do not have to bring a tent. You will need to bring your own mat and sleeping bag still.

Sweden on fire

It has been about 10 weeks since the last proper rainfall in most of Sweden, this has caused serious draught. Even one of the main industries being forestry, has been halted all over Sweden due to the risk of sparks and fire. Currently there are over 48 large fires racking many forest, some too big to handle, so there can only be damage control. The result is that there is a strict ban on any open fire. Meaning ANY open fire including gas cookers etc.
Unless a lot of rain falls before we meet, or during the time here, you will have to prepare to use improvised electrical cookers. We are preparing to set up an electrically equips kitchen on the camp-site, but early arrivals might have to settle for sharing facilities in and around the Tallevana kitchen and the Hive for the days before and after the gathering.

Dining FacilitiesThe Dining

Open space now open

As you might have noticed, you can now pre-book you open space slot online. So if you already know you want to perform, invite, present or otherwise gather some people around your initiative during one of the afternoons, you can now make sure to have a time and space to do it in. Have a look here: https://10years.yip.se/openspace/

Excited to know who is coming?

As of this morning there are 182 people registered! How exciting! 

All of the YIP years are well represented even YIP 11. I have also heard that keen YIP 12 participants will also be present.  Additionally, there are many contributors, OT’s and friends who will come. If you are curious to see how many people from each YIP year will attend then keep on reading. 
YIP 1 – 11 
YIP 2 – 9
YIP 3 – 8
YIP 4 – 16
YIP 5 – 7
YIP 6 – 11
YIP 7 – 9
YIP 8 – 18
YIP 9 – 18
YIP 10 – 12
YIP 11 – 1

On another note, if you are attending the gathering and have still not registered please do so here: https://10years.yip.se/registration/

Evening program

Get prepared one and all – on Friday, August 3rd, there will be an Open Mic!  So bring your music, bring a joke, bring your stories and bring …the Pope!  There will be a sign up sheet at the registration desk starting on the 31 of July. If you have questions, feel free to be in touch: [email protected]
See you on stage!

Help us

Getting going

As of today we start physical preparations here in Ytterjärna. The first voltes/helpers have arrived. We meet over Fika in the morning at 09:00 to divide daily test and chores, then after a joint lunch we have a next short briefing at 14:00 to see what and who is needed for the afternoon.

If you are in the area and wish to join the fun, please come find us at the Hive (old library building) at any of those times and you can get busy too.

Don't know yet, how to get here? Find out how https://10years.yip.se/how-to-get-to-ytterjarna/
Do you still have a question about the gathering? Maybe the answer you're looking for is here: https://10years.yip.se/practicalities/ or send us an email to [email protected]

We're looking forward to seeing you soon!

The 10 Years Organising Team


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